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Alliance can provide you with the following quality replacement parts. Please contact us for pricing or more information on a replacement part.

Parts are paid by credit card only. Minimum order of $25.00.

Parts for J Series Proofing Cabinets and K Series Heated Insulated Cabinets

Description/Part Part Number
Heating Element 015P00201
Motor (Fan) 012P00205
Fan Blade 013P00201
On/Off Switch 030P00102
Cord Set Assembly 600A00201
Pilot (Indicator) Light 031P00101
Terminal Block 023P00101
Thermostat 032P00201
Thermostat Knob 032P50102
Timer 033P00101
Timer Knob 033P50101
Timer Dial 033P60101
Water Pan (10” X 13”) 059P00103
Cover for opening over element 600M01101
Door Thermometer 080P00102
Strain Relief (into heater box) 019P00102
Door Latch for non.insul. cabinet 004M01701
For J6911U: per pair Ledges

Parts for DALPH/PALPH Series

Description/Part Part Number
On/Off Switch 030P00109
Switch Conversion Kit 93989
Regular Springs 063P00103
Heavy Duty Springs 063P00105
Lifter SL50
Motor 012P00103
Element 015P00104
Element for DALPH1022 015P00105
240 Volt Element 015P00103
Thermostat Conversion Kit T Stat Convert
Adjustable Thermostat 032P00305
Hi-Limit Thermostat 032P00306
Adjustable Thermostat for Plates 032P00307
Fan Blade 013P00103
Fan Blade for DALPH1022 013P00104
5" Swivel Caster 011P00215
5" Swivel Caster w/ Brake 011P00216
Corner Bumper (Each) 4 per cart 070P00109
Componet Kit: Pellet Heater 002K00201
Componet Kit: Plate Heater 002K00202

Parts for Tray Delivery Carts

Description/Part Part Number
Door latch, all D Series carts 057P00111
Rigid Caster: D18/D20 011P00318
Swivel w Brake Caster: D18/D20 011P00320
Rigid Caster: D24/D28/D32 011P00412
Swivel w Brake Caster: D24/D28/D32 011P00413
Push Handle: D18/D20 052P00110
Push Handle: D24/D28/D32 Contact Us for Part #
Door Hold Open Units: all D series carts 057P00126
Door Hold Open Units: all HM series carts 057P00133
Rigid Caster: all HM series carts 011P00318
Swivel w Brake Caster:all HM series carts 011P00320
Push Handle: all HM series carts 052P00110

Parts for Dome Storage Racks

Description/Part Part Number
Crome Cradle (1) DR60/DR100 076P00141
Caster: DR60/DR100 011P00220


Replacement parts are subject to change due to product improvements.